Wipro Partnership

Techonomy and Wipro have partnered to explore important topics related to how technology is transforming business. Through a series of events, videos, and editorial content, the partnership will help executives from all industries adapt to the rapid pace of change.


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What Does It Mean to Be an Essential Business?

As the COVID-19 crisis set in, lockdowns set in as well, and businesses started closing. However, some of those businesses just could not stop due to their criticality when it comes to serving the communities they operate in. In fact, the more dire a society’s situation, the more necessary these “always-on” businesses become. Although most people hadn’t given much thought in the past to what makes a business “essential,” it has now become much clearer.

As Tech Changes After Covid-19, How We Work Must, Too

Working from home is quickly becoming the new normal. Dispersed employees need new kinds of support and tools to collaborate and work together effectively. While it feels like we’re spending much of our day on video conferences, the more capable, purpose-built tools we need don’t even yet exist. Meanwhile, new business technologies continue to emerge rapidly, and smart organizations must embrace them urgently.

Six Reasons Open Source Is the Tool for Now

When companies accept the power of community and let go of a little control, they learn that open source broadens the range of ideas and talent that can contribute to any corporate software project, with often stunningly effective results. 

“Continuity” is the Management Word of the Hour

What do companies do when things go wrong? We’re seeing the answer in real time, all around us, during this challenging and difficult moment. But it’s not a question managers ask themselves often enough in ordinary times. We are entering a new era where organizations must be prepared to continue normal operations from anywhere, no matter the crisis. 

Will a New Model for Work Emerge from the Covid Crisis?

Work and how people do it is being transformed before our eyes. In this fraught transition, these experts all see a unique opportunity to create a system that is better both for companies and for workers.

The Good News About Growth (and Climate)

Our climate crisis is real and urgent. But many people who care deeply about it don’t understand what’s happened with economic growth. Economist Andrew McAfee’s analysis will likely surprise you.  

What is Tech’s Responsibility to Society?

Two amazing leaders–Microsoft’s Brad Smith and investor and author Kai-Fu Lee–recently had a high-velocity conversation about tech’s trajectory on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.  

Why is Digital Healthcare Going So Slowly?

Many experts believe that digital healthcare systems and tools can provide an alternative to traditional care, as well as help people stay healthier and get treatment when necessary. But global health systems aren’t moving fast enough to take advantage of the technology.

Companies Dive Into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As digital technology transforms society and empowers even the most seemingly minute stakeholder, one consequence is that every company becomes a consumer company. Only those organizations that embrace innovation – and tech—are likely to succeed.