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A Message from David Kirkpatrick on Techonomy Climate

No issue is more critical and urgent than climate change. Tech has special opportunities and responsibilities as the world strives to halve greenhouse emissions by 2030. This in-person event in Silicon Valley, convened with the...

Media Production in a Post-Pandemic World

Video is the language of the modern internet. So these days, every successful business must be a video production company, among its other capabilities. But for a dispersed creative workforce working both from home and...

How the New Approach to Cybersecurity Can Create Trust

Read the key insights from the conversation here. Leading companies can’t merely be digital-first. They must win the trust of customers and partners. But cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, so establishing that trust is hard....

Assembling the Pieces of Fintech with Sarah Levy & Kevin Pleiter

Betterment’s Sarah Levy and Cognizant’s Kevin Pleiter joined us for our Health+Wealth of America conference in NYC on December 16th, 2021.

The Death (and Future) of Venture Capital

Recently the Observer and The Information have published essays arguing that venture capital as practiced over the last half century is becoming obsolete (even while there is more of it available than ever before). What...

Mark Taylor on The Future of Customer Experience – Intimacy + Industrialization

Cognizant’s Mark Taylor joined us for CDX Accelerate’s Media & Advertising Summit: The Great Consumer Reset.

Globalization and Cooperation: What Technologized Future Will We Create?

“The trade-off we’ve chosen is that the rollout of 5G in the United States will be much slower and much more costly.” So summarized historian and journalist Zachary Karabell at a recent Techonomy roundtable on...

Bret Greenstein on How Data Can Help Stop Future Pandemics

Cognizant’s Bret Greenstein joined Techonomy for The Health+Wealth of America virtual conference on April 22nd, 2021.

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