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Leading companies can’t merely be digital-first. They must win the trust of customers and partners. But cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, so establishing that trust is hard. Meanwhile, talent is in short supply just as companies need even more sophisticated expertise. To address the cybersecurity talent shortage, practical new approaches to automation are emerging. It’s all urgent and central to the business dialogue, because without secure systems, businesses will fail to effectively innovate. So what do CIOs and business leaders need to understand now to ensure their companies can be aggressive and not become victims? What is the new suite of cybersecurity tools, and how can companies best deploy them? How can company technologists reassure CEOs and boards of directors that their systems can be trusted? This panel brings together a top cybersecurity practitioner, a chief trust officer, and a leader of the new era of security automation, to chart the path forward.


  • Tony Buffomante – Senior Vice President, Global Head of Cybersecurity & Risk Services at Wipro Limited
  • Mike Kiser – Director of Strategy and Standards at SailPoint
  • Elena Kvochko – Chief Trust Officer at SAP
  • Moderated by David Kirkpatrick – Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Techonomy Media