Techonomy Health & Techonomy NYC 2017

Techonomy events bring top executives together with entrepreneurs, technologists, and thinkers from academia and government to explore the impact of technology on social and economic progress. Techonomy is a wide-ranging participatory dialogue about the tech-driven challenges and opportunities we all face.

In May 2017, we hosted Techonomy Health and  Techonomy NYC in midtown Manhattan.

Over the two days, participants heard from Esther Dyson, Arianna Huffington, Fred Krupp, Dean Ornish, Gillian Tett, Fred Wilson and the CEO or founder of Case,, Eligible, General Assembly, greyhealth group,, HealthTap, JPMorgan Chase Institute, Oscar, Philips North America, PlanGrid, Proteus Digital Health, StartUp Health, Upworthy, WebMD, and WeWork, plus many more experts in the ways tech changes everything.

If you are inspired by new ideas and believe technology can change your company and the world for the better, Techonomy events will will engage and enlighten you..

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We look forward to welcoming you to Techonomy!