The Techonomy 2016 Conference


At Techonomy 2016, participants as a group will step back and examine the full implications of tech-driven change on business and in our lives. We are a community of people who help one another adapt to the future. This year we are especially honored to be hosting Mark Zuckerberg, who will sit for an extended interview about his company, his philanthropy, and how tech is changing the world.

The conference gathers the most eminent leaders of business, tech, and government, as well as unsung innovators, to look at where technologies like the Internet of Things, the Blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud-aggregated data, genomics and other landscape-altering shifts are taking our globally interconnected society.

Jack Dorsey

Our two-day event begins Wednesday, November 9th, just one day after the epochal American presidential election. Regardless of the outcome, we face a new social and political landscape. We all will need to absorb and accommodate the unavoidable ensuing changes.

We will delve deeply into the 2016 theme, “Man, Machines and the Network,” focusing heavily on the ramifications of the Internet of Things. We’ll examine how people and computers must mutually support one another in the evolving world of sensors, data, and augmented decision-making. On the opening afternoon, November 9th, we’ll begin by collectively reflecting on what just happened in the election and what it means for the U.S., for policy, and for technology as a tool for progress. You can view the agenda on our website.

Marc Benioff

Come join a community that has spanned from Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to dreadlocked VR pioneer and Internet skeptic Jaron Lanier, and includes Marc Benioff, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, Sean Parker, DARPA chief Arati Prabhakar, Peter Thiel, and Jeff Weiner. All have joined us in the past two years.

Among those confirmed for this year: Google’s Ray Kurzweil, NextEV USA CEO Padmasree Warrior, Fitbit CEO James Park, Blackberry CEO John Chen, U.S. government CIO Tony Scott, VCs Bill Gurley and Hemant Teneja, Diana Farrell of the JP Morgan Chase Institute, Intel’s Genevieve Bell, Planet Labs’ Will Marshall, entrepreneur and neuroscientist Vivienne Ming, and government ministers from Indonesia and Estonia. Executives are registered from companies including 3M, Accenture, Airbnb, Cisco, GE, Hyundai, McKinsey, Microsoft, Philips, SAP, Siemens and Ziff. We’ll take a break when the amazing singer Lolo plays for us Thursday evening, Nov. 10.

Steve Case

Registration includes two days at the spectacular Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, perched on the Pacific cliffs less than 45 minutes from SFO, Market Street, and University Avenue. The dates are November 9th-11th. If you have not received an invitation, you can request one HERE.

We hope to see you in November.