Why I Am a Techonomist

“I’m a Techonomist because we are seeing the most profound shift in the history of our industry. But tech is not a silo, and Techonomy puts what’s happening into the context of how it will affect business, economics, and social progress so we can change the world. We all have an incredible opportunity—as well as a responsibility—to transform our businesses to be more competitive, more innovative and more successful than ever before possible.”
– Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce

“Technology is changing the world around us at an unprecedented pace. Today there are roughly 6 billion people connected, and this 1% is nothing more than a catalyst for change. We have not even begun to imagine the economic and social implications as 50 billion things get connected by 2020. Techonomy brings together the people that can not only imagine but make possible the exciting transformations at the intersection of technology, economy and society. Cheers to Humanity as we wake up 99% of our world!”
– Padmasree Warrior, CEO, NextEV U.S.A.; Former Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Cisco

“The best ideas can come from anywhere, and Techonomy has proven to be an incredible gathering place for Techonomists to have real meaningful discussion that propels learning, growth, and change.”
– Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter; CEO, Square

“I’m a Techonomist because I believe that technology can democratize access to information, empower people, and ignite ideas and movements that can change the world.”
– Jean Case, CEO, Case Foundation

“Whether you’re running a startup or driving innovation within a large company, new technologies have the potential to fundamentally better the lives of people, and that’s what inspires and motivates me to dream big and create change. The path to change can be frustrating, and it is never a straight line, but true Techonomists can imagine beyond today, focusing on what could be, and not what is.”
– Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal; Former Group President, Enterprise Growth, American Express

“The most exciting innovations and experiences that are likely to transform our daily lives and those of the rest of humanity lie at the intersection of Technology and the Economy. It’s at this intersection that ideas meet the real world and have the potential to change quality of life, create opportunities to learn, work, play and prosper. Technonomy brings together some of the best scientists, economists, entrepreneurs, technologists and innovators and those obsessed with making the world a better place.”
– James M. Manyika, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

“Techonomy does a great job balancing techno-hype against critical thinking and linking both the grand policy and economic challenges of this new century.”
– David Keith, Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University

“A Techonomist since my days at Computerworld Smithsonian Awards, I’ve been an inquisitive observer of the companies, individuals, and ideas at the intersection of tech, the economy and society. I’ve worked with IT innovators and leaders to create programs and contexts that meet the exacting intellectual, practical and inquisitive requirements of leaders across industries, function, and titles. It’s not so much the bells and whistles of tech itself that interest me. It’s the application of that tech for productivity and progress that excites me and makes me a Techonomist.”
– Simone Ross, Co-founder and former Chief Program Officer, Techonomy; Tech Curator, TED Conferences

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