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Democratizing Everything

David Liu of XO Group explains why he thinks our interest in democratizing everything is creating an uninspired society.   More

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XO’s Carley Roney on Going Mobile in China

At a Dell Women’s Entrepreneurship Network dinner, Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick spoke with Carley Roney about XO's entry into China. Roney notes that China is the biggest wedding market in the world, with ten million marriages each year. But launching The Knot's online platform in China was more difficult than expected, because Chinese consumers already expect full mobile integration. "What was interesting was how far advanced they were from a technological perspective," says Roney. "So there we were thinking we were going to import our knowledge, and then we were like, 'Hey, do any of your engineers on the mobile side want to give us any ideas?'" The Chinese version of The Knot, ijie.com (which tranlates as "Love Knot"), launched in late 2010.   More

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XO’s Carley Roney on Startups, NY, and The Knot

At a Dell Women's Entrepreneurship Network dinner, Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick spoke with XO Group co-founder Carley Roney about her company's trajectory since 1996. Roney says barriers to entry are much lower for startups today than when she and her husband David Liu were launching The Knot, XO's signature enterprise. "Now you can iterate more quickly and test things and segment," says Roney. "None of those things were possible at the time." With resources scarce, Roney says her team had to launch with a clear business plan.   More