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Great Short “Bio” Videos from Techonomy’s Chief Program Officer

As we wrapped our second Techonomy Bio conference a couple of weeks ago, it got me thinking about how many interesting “bio” related 180s we've produced in recent years. Our “180° Talks” are three-minute presentations in which the speaker aims to change the audience’s mind about a generally accepted paradigm, or tells us about something they’ve reversed their thinking about. My all time favourite is from Techonomy 2011. Andrew Hessel, then at Singularity University and now at Autodesk, spoke about biotech, procreation, computer-assisted genetic design, and his decision to get a vasectomy.   More

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Immortality and Collaboration: Onstage at Techonomy 2013

The Saguaros were vibrating outside the hall in Tucson during Techonomy 2013 last week, such were the energy waves emanating from the stage. Or perhaps the foundation of business was shaking. I don't know. One thing that is clear is that the giants of old industry are really starting to think differently about how to conduct their business, organize their companies, and evolve their products.   More

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What Does It Mean to Be in the Revolution Business?

Techonomy 2013 is 11 days away, and as we prep speakers we're getting excited. Those who join us outside Tucson will hear Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini explain how he's building the "Intel Inside of healthcare." Stewart Brand explores the ethos driving tech. Tim O'Reilly and Max Levchin delineate the coming world. Tony Hsieh talks about companies intersecting with cities, especially Zappos' own Las Vegas. A 14-year-old explains Minecraft, and the ZZ Ward plays her soulful music. That's just the start.   More


The Techonomy Spring 2013 Report

Techonomy is pleased to announce the publication of its Spring 2013 Report, a full-color 60-page booklet that surveys our activities over the last year, and points to our plans for 2013. The book includes transcripts from our conferences in Detroit and Tucson, original articles by journalists and industry leaders, and a look at our online publishing. With this publication, we affirm our belief that print is not dead. But we've also made the contents available digitally. For a link to the flipbook and PDF download, click on the "more" button.   More