When Business Models Matter More Than Tech

Technology can provide a platform for future growth but seizing the white space of opportunity requires a well-thought-out business model—and a willingness to change an existing business model if necessary, whether to enable a new...

At Techonomy: Superstars of Automation, Understanding it, and Controlling it

At our conference in November we’ll host the top authors on AI, major AI product creators, and some of the deepest thinkers on how AI and technology ought to be governed. And that 360 appraisal...

Esports and Live Culture: A Major New Movement

Livestreaming apps, like esports and HQ Trivia, are thriving thanks to advancements in technology. It is only the beginning.

Neesha Hathi: Tech Needs the Basics

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Neesha Hathi, Chief Digital Officer, Charles Schwab

Who Should Attend Techonomy 2018?

Who should attend Techonomy? Anybody grappling with the impact of technology on their business and the wider world.

Paula Goldman: Emerging Tech Needs Guardrails

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Paula Goldman, global lead of the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network.

We Love Big Questions. It’s the Answers that are Hard.

Tech moves quickly. For most of us, understanding our own behavior and motives as citizens, friends, and consumers can’t even catch up to the reality of our 24/7 immersion in our smartphones. Today's bizarre reality...

Maynard Webb: Focus on Ethical Use of Tech

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer three critical questions in an ongoing series: Maynard Webb of Webb Investment Network, an investment firm for world-changing companies.

How Technology Can Help Underserved Children Learn

Digital tools thoughtfully deployed can help close the learning gap for underserved students.

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