Roger McNamee

McNamee Says Platforms Must Pay for This Week…and Other Stories

Tech and the Capitol Riot, Communities Tackle the Digital Divide, AI Gets Surreal, and A Dose of Optimism for 2021. What we're reading this week.

What to Expect at Techonomy 2017

With Techonomy 2017 about to begin, Program Director Simone Ross surveys our panoply of topics and themes, from the "new hegemonist" net giants, to AI and jobs, AR & VR, the future of construction, the...

Scott Cook on How Technology Can Revolutionize Education

In this video from the "Revolutions in Progress" session at Techonomy 2011 in Tucson, Ariz., Scott Cook, Founder and Chairman of Intuit, discusses how technology can revolutionize education in the same way it has transformed...