From Genius to Table: Organic Innovation

At the Techonomy 2014 conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick interviews the irreverent Michael Fertik of about his latest "innovation," Femto-Management.

Tech Entrepreneurs Agree: It’s Time to Regulate the Internet Ecosystem

Among the crowd of optimists and cheerleaders for the transformative power of the Internet, Andrew Keen stands out as a contrarian. The Internet is transformative, all right, he says: It’s transforming humans into commoditized products—bits...’s Fertik: Put Humans Back at the Center of the Internet

Alongside Techonomy's recent mini-conference on the Internet of Everything in Menlo Park in May, we interviewed Michael Fertik, CEO of Fertik is one of the world's most successful innovators focusing on a topic of...