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Analytics & Data Internet of Things

Reflections from Ross: On Drones and CubeSats

Oceans cover about 71 percent of the earth’s surface. We think of everything as constantly connected, yet in a world where we are drowning in oceans of data the ocean itself is a data dead zone. But there’s a transformation underway. CubeSats and drones are changing not just the way we get access to information about what’s happening on the surface of our planet—from cities to forests to the middle of nowhere—but the frequency at which we get that information.   More

Global Tech Security & Privacy

Watching Walmart Parking Lots from Space: New Apps for Satellites

Here's a new barometer for measuring a technology's disruptive potential: "If there's not a capacity to exploit something for evil, it's probably not that revolutionary." That's one way 27-year-old Skybox Imaging co-founder Julian Mann explains to the Atlantic this week the transformative uses for the 200-pound, mini-fridge-sized satellites that his company intends to start launching into orbit next month.   More

Global Tech Internet of Things

Need an Elevated View? Rent Your Own Orbiting Satellite

While space travel remains exclusive to professional astronauts and the superwealthy, operating your own robot in space is close to becoming an affordable reality for average Earthlings. NanoSatisfi, a Kickstarter-funded startup, is building open-source nanosatellites with the mission to give anyone access to control one in orbit for $250 per week. Today, exactly 51 years after the first trans-Atlantic satellite television transmission, the company got a little closer to its goal with $300,000 in additional funding from investment firm Grishin Robotics.   More