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How the ’60s Counterculture Is Still Driving the Tech Revolution

Every innovation starts with an act of insubordination. So said tech entrepreneur, futurist, and scientist Walter de Brouwer. “It starts with saying ‘no,’ with disrespect. If you respect and listen to everything, there is no innovation.” Does an insubordinate counterculture still drive innovation in today's cyberculture? It’s a question that a panel pondered at the Techonomy 2013 conference in Tucson last week. De Brouwer, CEO of health-tech company Scanadu, joined author Stewart Brand, tech journalist Ina Fried, and Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick for an after-dinner fireside chat about the culture that’s now driving IT’s evolution.   More

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Nanosatellites Will Give Everyone Access to Space

In the future, everyone on Earth will have ubiquitous access to outer space. That might seem to be a bold statement or to border on science fiction, yet a glance back in time at the influence and trajectory of technology in our lives makes it seem almost inevitable. The nascent commercial space industry is reliving the exact same pattern seen during the late 20th century computer revolution.   More


Could Leap Motion Gesture Control Mean the End of the Mouse?

Who needs a computer mouse when you have your hands? The much-anticipated Leap Motion, which brings gesture control to Mac and Windows computers, started shipping this week, ABC News Reports. Much like Kinect for Xbox, Leap Motion (sold for $79.99) enables users to control their computer screens using waves, pokes, reaches, and grabs. After plugging in the small motion-sensing box, users need to download or buy specific apps from Leap’s Airspace Store. Many of the 75 apps currently available are games like Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope. And, although reviewers say the navigation technology is mostly precise, there are still some bugs that need to be worked out.   More


Predictions for the Cloud in 2013

What can we expect from cloud computing in 2013? Joe McKendrick at Forbes has aggregated a list of analysts’ predictions, including more hosted private clouds, a greater integration of cloud and mobile, and the personal cloud replacing the PC as the location where individuals keep and manage their personal content.   More


Windows May Be Your Father’s Operating System, But What’s an Operating System Anyway?

This friday Microsoft makes several epochal announcements, including a radically redesigned version of Windows that veers sharply from the established, tedious, conventions. Those who love tedious conventions will be annoyed, but those who like cool new stuff—most of us, these days—will likely be, at a minimum, intrigued, and perhaps enthralled. Microsoft should never be counted out. And alongside the new OS—coming in two versions for Intel and ARM chips—will be a new all-Microsoft device called Surface, based on ARM. It of course would love to be an iPad killer. Don't hold your breath for that one, but the signs suggest Surface will be a hit, at least with the vast numbers of corporations that are deeply committed to Microsoft products.   More