Partner Insights

Navigating Platforms and Technologies for a New Healthcare Era

Here’s what payers and providers should look for as they update their core platform strategies for the new normal in healthcare.

How Fintech Is Integrating Hyper-Personalization Into The Financial Sector

At the Health+Wealth of America Conference, Betterment’s Sarah Kirshbaum Levy joined Cognizant’s Kevin Pleiter and Clarim's Jim Ledbetter to explore fintech’s continued integration into financial services.

Here’s The Difference Between ESG And Impact Investing

Investing experts Andrew Lee of UBS and Toniic’s Kim Griffin spoke at the Health+Wealth of America conference about why terms like ESG, sustainable finance and impact investing should not be used do interchangeably.

The Forces Driving Healthcare to Rethink Its Platform Strategies

Senior healthcare leaders need to understand the drivers of industry change, as well as the technology underpinnings needed to support new value propositions.

Data Scores Big for the Sports Fan Experience

Here’s how sports leagues and teams can boost the fan experience through personalization and real-time data analytics.

Financial Disruption Is Global…and Accelerating

How fast can fintechs address global needs? Two industry leaders say the future of financial services firms will be built on data, automation, and the hybrid cloud.

12 Corporate Experts Talked Best-Practices for Innovating in Big Companies. Here Are Their 4 Conclusions.

Just because you can innovate, doesn't mean you should. And sometimes core parts of the business need to be "gently blown up."

Rejuvenating Leisure Travel with a More Holistic Experience

To rebuild post-pandemic, travel and hospitality businesses need to build an experience ecosystem that encompasses not only customers but also employees.

The Future of Software: Less Code, More Impact, and More Programmers

Every year, Cognizant Softvision hosts a global Programmers’ Week (on the 256th day of the year). A discussion among leaders there predicted tremendous changes for software.

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