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Tech Companies: Cut the Geek Speak!

Recently, I heard a little girl standing with her father in the security line at the San Francisco airport ask, “Daddy, how does the Cloud work?” He leaned in and started to explain how water vapor molecules clump together due to air movements and temperature. She shook her head as if to imply he was really slow and said, “No daddy. The cloud. Like Apple’s iCloud.” To which he replied, “Oh honey, I have no idea how that works.”   More

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Rypple’s Daniel Debow on the Corporate Shift from Hierarchy to Social Network

Daniel Debow, co-founder and co-CEO of Rypple, describes how the old hierarchal model of business is being replaced by a model that resembles the social graph, the networking model popularized by Facebook that describes how people, places, trends, and other factors relate to each other.   More