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Government Learning Manufacturing

Defense Department Funds High School “Hackerspaces”

A new $10 million federal program is bringing “hackerspaces” to high schools, the New York Times reports. Hackerspaces are community groups for hackers to build and invent technology (and take things apart). They are considered incubators for innovation and a major part of the DIY movement—but the high school program has sparked some controversy.   More


Custom Fixtures, Made in America and Shipped to China

One Brooklyn company has flipped the manufacturing model on its head. Whereas most goods are made in China and shipped to the U.S., Watermark Design is making plumbing parts here and shipping them to China. Jack Abel, the engineer who built the factory, has figured out how to make high-end custom-made fixtures at low cost, and has sold thousands of them to luxury hotels and condominiums in Asia, the New York Times reports.   More


Google’s Autocomplete Function Spreads Rumors, Says Lawsuit

Google’s helpful Autocomplete function has landed the Internet giant in German court. Former German first lady Bettina Wulff filed a lawsuit against Google after finding that searches for her name automatically adjust to include rumors of a sordid past. When a user types “Bettina Wulff” into the search bar, Google automatically suggests “Bettina Wulff prostitute” and “Bettina Wulff escort,” the New York Times reports. But Google says it’s not to blame, as all queries in Autocomplete have been previously typed by other Google users.   More