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Techonomy Events

Magisto App Powers Techonomy-Ford “Love My City” Video Contest

In the weeks leading up to our Sept. 16 Techonomy Detroit event, we collaborated with Magisto and Ford to launch the #LoveMyCity video contest, inviting members of our community to create and share Magisto videos that showcase what they loved about their city. (To learn more about the technology underlying the Magisto platform, read David […]   More

Arts & Culture Mobile

Magisto’s A.I. Helps Anyone Produce Polished Video

Magisto wants to do for video what Instagram did for photos—provide intuitive tools to edit and enhance them and make them easy to share. Founded in Israel in 2009 by two experts in computer vision and artificial intelligence, Magisto enables a user to simply select photos and videos on their smartphone, choose a visual theme, and automatically create a sophisticated edited product in minutes. There's a lot of computer science on the back end making that possible. Magisto launched in January 2012 at the Consumer Electronics Show, won an app competition there, and now has 20 million registered users worldwide, up from 3 million last year. With 30 employees, the company has offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and San Francisco. Techonomy sat down with Magisto CEO Oren Boiman for a wide-ranging talk about video, social media, and how people want to express themselves.   More


The Vibe at Davos

Describing what it is like to be in Davos during the World Economic Forum annual meeting is almost impossible. (Which is why this article features an iPhone video produced using tools by our partner, Magisto.) Set at the base of a spectacular snow-covered mountain, Davos convenes heads of state, titans of industry, and celebrities to debate topics ranging from international trade policy to environmental issues to data security. By day, sessions held at the Congress Centre bustle with leaders from every continent. By evening, guests cram into venues all over the city for exclusive dinners and receptions hosted by some of the world's biggest influencers.   More

Media & Marketing Partner Insights

Action! Roll ‘em: Personal Video Poised to Take Off

Video has become as simple for ordinary consumers to create as snapping a photo. But while digital snapshots have become so ubiquitous that they have morphed from a kind of consumer "art" into routine day-to-day communication, that sort of transformation has yet to occur with video. The success on Twitter of Vine, which allows the creation of 6-second repeating videos, suggests such a transition may loom. Now Instagram, too, enables short videos. The raw materials are in place, and the consumer will to change behavior seems to be emerging. This new report from GigaOm research evaluates the factors that may enable the rise of more polished, convenient, everyday videos that could rival stills as a routine tool for consumer communication and expression.   More