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New Apps That Get You Away from Your Screen, and into Your Neighborhood

There are lots of new ways to find cool stuff near your home and when you're out and about. Community-based platforms and a burgeoning market of social location apps make use of our online relationships. In addition to making life more enjoyable and convenient, it's transforming the landscape for local businesses. Here are five platforms that improve how brick-and-mortar businesses reach customers.   More


Space Counts: Why Physical Flows Matter in an Increasingly Virtual World

The world is changing faster than ever and sometimes it feels as though the only way to keep pace is to remain glued to our computer screens. Twitter and Facebook have become our go-to source for breaking news, more often than not beating traditional media to the story. Teleconferencing and social software have enabled a truly 24-hour workday, helping us collaborate with team members around the world without ever leaving the home office. And as our virtual lives have shrunk to fit neatly into our pockets, we remain online regardless of where we go.   More