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Next Season’s Hottest Trend: An Agile Supply Chain

The fashion industry cannot continue as it has, argues Miao, CMO of Chinese-based fast-fashion giant Shein. Waste is huge. For example, 25% of raw materials are wasted, and many unsold garments are discarded. Now, for both sustainability and efficiency,  the industry must use tech to transform production and fulfillment.   More

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Can We Make Fashion Truly Sustainable?

The future of sustainable fashion is exciting. But the most responsible thing anyone can do is not buy new clothes, says our teenage correspondent.   More

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Beauty Goes Digital–Offline and On

Despite face masks, beauty products sold beautifully during the pandemic. And the industry furthered its pivot to digital, not only online but in stores. Virtual lipstick try-on, anyone?   More

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NYC Designer Teams with AI to Create “Cyberpunk Couture”

Left brain, meet right brain. Fashion designer Joshua Mudgett brings cutting-edge technology to the design and execution of high fashion.   More

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For Stitch Fix, the AI Future Includes Jobs

Katrina Lake became the first female chief executive officer to take a company public in the U.S. this year when Stitch Fix Inc. started trading on Friday. The company suffuses itself in analytics and artificial intelligence. But its 3400-and-growing pool of stylists suggests that a future world infused with AI may not decimate the workforce after all. To hear how it operates feels like receiving brain waves from the future.   More