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What Social Media Told Us on Election Day

Tuesday was not only a big win for the Democratic party but also for social media. From campaign organization to mobilization of people to polling stations, Twitter and Facebook drew massive amounts of participation around yesterday's election. Facebook recorded over 9.6 million users who specified that they voted on election day. Of these users, 65% were female voters, and 31% were between the ages of 25 and 34. Meanwhile Twitter witnessed the highest spreading piece of content to ever be recorded on the network. A Tweet that included a photo of the Obama's hugging became the most viral Tweet we've ever seen, gaining over 300,000 retweets within an hour, surpassing @longcat111's long-lasting rule as the most RT'd tweet by a longshot.   More

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Where Obama and Romney Stand on Life Sciences

We have heard debates, convention speeches, and campaign events with lots of talk about jobs and foreign oil and national security. But what about where the candidates stand on another matter critical to innovation in our country and the future of healthcare: life sciences?   More