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Artificial Intelligence Catches Fire in Ethiopia

Ethiopian artificial intelligence R&D is on fire. The driver for this unexpected sector is the government’s massive multi-billion dollar, industrial plan and fervent development of higher education. At the hub is an AI group, iCog Labs, co-founded in 2012 by a young Ethiopian roboticist, Getnet Aseffa Gezaw, and an American AI pioneer, Ben Goertzel. With twenty five Ethiopian software engineers, iCog pursues full-on ‘Strong Intelligence.’   More

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Rethinking International Development: Big Ideas from the Invention Generation

How is Africa’s youthful population preparing to write a chapter in the history of development through game changing inventions? Where do they find inspiration? Join a remarkable conversation with three innovators from across Africa. In this session at Techonomy 2014 in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Kate Krontiris of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society speaks with Spiruteens co-founder Bonolo Matjila, Human Waste Bioreactor founder Leroy Mwasaru, and David Moinina Sengeh of Global Minimum and the MIT Media Lab about how a new generation is changing Africa's approach to innovation.   More

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United Nations Spearheads Big Data for Development

When we think of Big Data, humanitarian aid and international development are probably not what first come to mind. But a United Nations team called Global Pulse is working to connect the dots between data mining and humanitarianism, showing us how we can use Big Data to digitally map the global development ecosystem. “Big Data for development” works by analyzing data from cell phones, social networking sites, and Internet commerce to locate clues about signs of distress in developing countries.   More