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Microsoft’s Craig Mundie on How Technology Can Reform Healthcare

In this session from Techonomy 2011, in Tuscon, Ariz., Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick talks to Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft, about how technology could reform the healthcare industry by giving healthcare providers access to huge amounts of data and statistics they currently don't have.   More

Techonomy Events

Vivek Ranadivé on a New Model for Data Access and Organization

In this video from the session "The Brain and the Data: How Accurately Can We Predict?" at Techonomy 2011 in Tucson, Ariz., Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick talks to TIBCO CEO Vivek Ranadivé about a new model for data access and organization that gives data context, and removes information into more accessible options like cloud storage.   More