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Can Government Learn to Fail Fast?

Code for America's Jennifer Pahlka fully acknowledges that tech and government do not mix well, yet she is determined to raise the bar. She's going to need everybody's help.   More


How Democracy Works Is Innovating Government from the Outside In

A federal election is one of the most logistically challenging business models you can imagine: it’s a business that’s open only one day a year, staffed almost entirely by temps (practically volunteers) with limited advance training. Would-be customers have to sign up days or weeks in advance, but everything is still first-come, first-serve. Oh, and there’s zero margin for error. No wonder the election administrator’s prayer is “Lord, let this election not be close.”   More

Startup Culture

City Supports Tech Startups “Made in NY”

The "Made in NY" advertising campaign has been touting the city's efforts to grow and energize local film and television production. Now, Mayor Bloomberg has launched a "We Are Made in NY" initiative that supports the city's burgeoning tech scene by offering online resources that help nurture startups and match employers with qualified applicants. The program is also asking local tech startups to submit 60-second introductory videos to give a behind-the-scene look at what they do. Along with initiatives like the Code for America partnership and the planned Cornell NYC Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, this new campaign bolsters the mayor's strategic reinvention of New York as "New Tech City."   More