One Solution to Fight Climate Change? Fewer Parking Spaces

Less parking could pave the way for denser housing and more accessible public transportation.

How AI Could Supercharge Spam and Deceptive Marketing

AI could be a dream come true for unethical marketers, as it makes spamming, misinformation, and hyper-targeted ads easier than ever before.

These 15 Foods Could Disappear Due to Climate Change

The impact of climate change is ravaging crops and threatening our food supply. Here are 15 food crops that are facing shortages and uncertain futures.

Investors Withdraw as Solar and Wind Incentives Falter

Solar and wind energy are inexpensive, but some investors in the United States seem skeptical of just how profitable the two technologies could be.

Seth Godin Advocates “Simple and Hard” Climate Solutions

Godin believes that the free market created the conditions for climate change, and can solve it—if we’re willing to accept some hard truths.

Doug Rushkoff Wants to Fix Climate Change by Fixing Humans

Author and digital media expert Douglas Rushkoff believes that technology can’t fix climate change—but rekindling relationships with our communities might.

VC Raj Kapoor Describes How AI Fights Climate Change

Venture capitalist and Climactic cofounder Raj Kapoor discussed three innovative ideas that leverage AI to combat climate change.

How AI Can Tackle 5 Global Challenges

AI is not a panacea. But it offers amazing power to supercharge human creativity and productivity in solving the world’s biggest problems.

Dust Is Melting Snow—And Current Models Can’t Keep Up

Mountain snowpack melts quicker when coated in dust. This cyclical problem is forcing water forecasts to evolve.

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