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From the Model T to P2P: How Automotive Innovation is Changing Detroit (Again)

San Francisco's Uber has turned the limo and cab industry upside down by offering a car service that books rides on demand from smartphones. Users can request vehicles and complete transactions entirely through a mobile app. This method creates efficiencies that don't exist in traditional limo/cab offerings: upon request for a vehicle, the app sends the picture, name, and direct contact number of your driver to your smartphone. GPS enables real-time tracking as the driver approaches your pickup location, and upon reaching your destination, payment is automatically processed (gratuity included) through the app. In short, Uber has radically streamlined the customer experience for both driver and passenger.   More


Taxi-Hailing App Uber Comes to NYC, but Is It Legal?

Taxi-hailing app company Uber introduced its service in 105 of New York City’s 13,000 yellow cabs—but the convenience of finding a cab via mobile app might be too good to be true. The legality of Uber’s service is questionable, the New York Times reports, citing city rules that forbid prearranged rides in yellow cabs, unjustified refusal of fares, and use of electronic devices while driving.   More