artificial intelligence

Vint Cerf’s Take on AI, The Metaverse, and Green Power

A "father of the internet," applies lessons from decades back to predict the arc of future tech developments.

Why Companies Are Bungling AI Data Privacy

Private companies and government agencies will have to make sure it adheres to cohesive standards—especially to counteract humans failings.

Top 10 AI Companies Shaping the Tech World

Artificial intelligence is changing life as we know it. These companies are some of the biggest movers and shakers in this brave new world.

For Kerry Washington, Artist Consent Is Paramount in AI

The actress and activist believes AI can help fans connect with creators, but creators must have final say over the form and compensation.

Biased AI Could Cost Lives and Livelihoods, Warns X. Eyée

Ex-Googler and Malo Santo CEO X. Eyée analyzes Biden’s executive order on AI, explaining how technology often reflects our negative biases.

AI’s Job Impact Could Depend on Race, Sex, Age

A new study from Indeed Hiring Lab suggests that generative AI’s effects in the workplace could vary, depending on an employee’s demographics.

The Struggle to Rein in AI

Many call for regulations on AI, but progress is slow. Meanwhile, others worry they’ll inhibit innovation. What are the ethical implications?

Are AI Bot Brokers Ready to Manage Your Investments?

Using software to suggest investment picks isn’t new, but not everybody in the industry is ready to hand their money over to generative AI.

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