Responsible AI is Good for Business, says Advocate Mutale Nkonde

Policy analyst says that AI companies can succeed, and the U.S. industry can lead, by making consent, fairness, and privacy selling points.

Vint Cerf’s Take on AI, The Metaverse, and Green Power

A "father of the internet," applies lessons from decades back to predict the arc of future tech developments.

6 Medical Breakthroughs Remaking Modern Health

From Alzheimer’s discoveries to animal organ transplants, new breakthroughs are improving and extending lives.

AI Could Make Humans Even Less Exceptional

As AI becomes more “intelligent,” humans will have to figure out what—if anything —makes our species unique, says Nicholas Dirks.

Creating the Ultimate Experience Using AI

Rather than replacing humans, AI will allow them to keep up with ever-increasing demands of technological development and sustainability.

Why Companies Are Bungling AI Data Privacy

Private companies and government agencies will have to make sure it adheres to cohesive standards—especially to counteract humans failings.

Are AI Bot Brokers Ready to Manage Your Investments?

Using software to suggest investment picks isn’t new, but not everybody in the industry is ready to hand their money over to generative AI.

AI Takes Med Tech to the Next Level

How the Latest Breakthroughs Make Doctors Better

AI-Generated Art Still Needs a Human Touch

Dall-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion produce impressive images on command, but perfecting them requires patient, skilled tending.

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