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Bio & Life Sciences

How Shining Light in the Brain Could Control Addiction

Imaging studies of cocaine addicts’ brains typically show low activity patterns in the region that is key to impulse control, the prefrontal cortex. The same goes for rodents that have been turned into cokeheads in the lab. Whether the use of the drug itself further compromises impulse control, leading to compulsive use in spite of life-threatening effects, still isn’t clear. But a team of neuroscientists reports in Nature this week that, at least in rats, there is a way to wipe away the addictive behavior with optogenetics.   More


Healthcare Entrepreneur Disrupts Addiction Treatment

After confronting his daughter's alcohol and drug addiction, and supporting her through a torturous recovery, healthcare entrepreneur Peter Loeb wanted to help others who struggle with addiction. With his daughter, Loeb launched Lionrock Recovery, a two-year-old startup that uses secure videoconferencing technology to help addicts free themselves of chemical dependency.   More