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Diverse Forests Store More Carbon Than Monocultures

Adding even just one more tree species can increase forest productivity, a new meta-analysis shows.

Biden’s Oil and Gas Projects Undermine IRA Emission Cuts

"Approving more fossil fuels not only torches our climate future, but it also harms people's health, degrades ecosystems, and threatens wildlife," says new report.

Hopeless COP28 is Most Hopeful Climate Summit in Years

With climate change efforts so obviously failing, a new agenda for progress is finally possible.

America’s first ​‘enhanced’ geothermal plant starts up

Next-generation geothermal could be a huge source of carbon-free power. A first-of-a-kind project from Google and Fervo Energy is a step in that direction.

‘Geek Way’ Author Andrew McAfee On How CEOs Fumble

Fast-moving companies governed by science and openness tend to succeed, but CEOs like Musk and Zuckerberg show what happens when egos get in the way.

Global Fisheries are Devastated by Government Subsidies

Big fleets backed by public money are removing fish from the world’s oceans at unsustainable rates. Can a new treaty help?

One Solution to Fight Climate Change? Fewer Parking Spaces

Less parking could pave the way for denser housing and more accessible public transportation.

Why ‘Climate Havens’ Might be Closer to Home than You’d Think

A refuge isn't something nature hands us, but something we have to build ourselves.

Responsible AI is Good for Business, says Advocate Mutale Nkonde

Policy analyst says that AI companies can succeed, and the U.S. industry can lead, by making consent, fairness, and privacy selling points.

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