We asked leading experts of the telecommunications industry to explain what they think the mobile ecosystem will look like in 2030. Raj Talluri, SVP & GM, Mobile Business Unit at Micron Technology contributes the following:

The next generations of mobile devices will continue to help us work smarter, expand our entertainment possibilities and connect us to the world in new and innovative ways. One future trend I see taking root is the contextualization of the mobile device based on the user. 

Everybody relies on and uses devices differently. As our devices continue to get smarter, they will recognize the person using them and adapt to that user’s context. Since your communication, browsing, viewing, and commute are different than mine, your phone will behave totally different than mine. 

AI and machine learning will continue to expand the possibilities of what our devices will know about and be able to do for us. Contextualizing will be at another level in the next few years. Your device will be totally aware and personalized to you – enabling a more personalized connection to the world through it. The most valuable data is increasingly becoming portable and personal, and accessible from a range of devices including smartphones and wearable sensors. 

In ten years, the phone you’re holding will be completely different and the changes will start with the camera. Some new 5G phones will have five cameras and 8K video. The entire back of your phone could be a camera.  The 5G phones arriving on the market in the next decade will boast an insane amount of processing power and ever-increasing amounts of memory and storage. Every time processing speeds up, device manufacturers start looking for lower power, lower latency and higher capacity memory and storage to support multiple high-resolution cameras, multiplayer gaming, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. This is where mobile devices are going.

Raj Talluri is the senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Business Unit, where he is responsible for leading and growing Micron’s mobile business. This includes building world-class mobile solutions to address the growing market opportunity driven by new usage models, from low-end devices to flagship smartphones. Talluri is a seasoned leader, with 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, in executive roles spanning business, engineering management and strategic marketing.

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