X. Eyeé is an expert in AI and emerging technologies. A high school & college dropout turned military combat veteran, X forged their own path into tech. Over the past 17 years, X has become a pioneer in blockchain & artificial intelligence serving as an engineering leader, product manager, and researcher for companies like Microsoft, Google, and the Department of Defense.

At Microsoft, X worked on cutting-edge Ambient Intelligence solutions that combined blockchain, AI, and IoT for Fortune 500 companies around the world. At Google, X worked across all of Google’s AI products & research to ensure they were built responsibly & ethically. X created novel research teams, including the Skin Tone team, which developed techniques to improve AI’s ability to recognize diverse skin tones. This work set new industry standards for measuring skin tone in AI & enhanced products like the Pixel phone’s camera & Google’s Image Search.

Now, as CEO of Malo Santo, an AI consulting firm, X empowers companies to build AI that scales across geographies, cultures, and within communities. In its first year, Malo Santo has provided AI education, governance & development services to companies like L’Oreal, Mozilla, and the Emmy award-winning production company Hillman Grad.