Wensheng is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spectral AI, Inc., an award-winning, publicly traded predictive analytics company that develops proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and optical technology for fast, accurate treatment decisions in wound care.

Since launching the company in 2009, Wensheng has led engineering of the AI platform and DeepView® product line, an FDA Breakthrough Designated medical imaging system, from concept and prototype to an FDA 501(K) cleared product, securing more than $150M in public and private funding to date. As CEO of Spectral AI, Wensheng has built an international thriving enterprise with numerous patents and took the company public on Nasdaq in September 2023. Wensheng spearheads the development and execution of the company’s strategy, product portfolio, and technology roadmap.

Wensheng has 20 years of experience in pioneering market-disruptive natural speech recognition, real-time imaging systems, and AI driven predictive medical solutions. Before Spectral AI, Wensheng played pivotal roles in product development for start-up and large, international companies including Sensata Technologies, Navini Networks (acquired by Cisco), Precision Drilling Corporation (acquired by Weatherford), and Phillips Speech Processing.

Committed to advancing the success of fellow start-ups, Wensheng mentors innovators and early-stage entrepreneurs on turning ideas into companies through angel investment platforms. Wensheng speaks at forums on medical devices, AI, and clinical applications, and he is honored to serve as a judge for competitions relating to medical invention and innovation.