Wells Lucas Santo is an interdisciplinary researcher, engineer, and educator in history and philosophy of science, focused primarily on the social and ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI). He is currently the Education Manager at AI4ALL, where he supports the non-profit’s mission of promoting diversity and inclusion in AI by working with university partners across North America to develop education programs that give underrepresented high school students early exposure to AI for social good. Prior to this, he was a full-stack engineer and designer at Cogitai working on developing a robust and scalable platform to support continual learning and deep reinforcement learning across multiple domains. He has been a lecturer at NYU as well as Five Points Learning, a local teaching center in Brooklyn, where he has worked on developing inclusive classroom environments for K-12 and university students. Wells received his Master’s from NYU in Computer Science, with his thesis on artificial general intelligence, a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, and a minor in Science and Society studies.