Udayan Gupta is a New York-based writer and communications adviser, specializing in oral narratives and history. He is currently the Family Office columnist for WSJ Money and a contributor to Institutional Investor and Global Finance. As a journalist, author, digital entrepreneur, and consultant, he has been a commentator on entrepreneurship and venture capital in the United States. He also teaches entrepreneurship and venture capital  in Fordham University’s MBA program. He is the author of “Done Deals: Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories” and a number of other books, including “The First Venture Capitalist: Georges Doriot on Leadership, Capital and Business Organization,” “Mind into Matter: Arch Transforms Science into Sustainable Enterprise,” and “A Natural Way of Business: How Frank Rainieri, Theodore Kheel, Oscar De La Renta and Julio Iglesias Transformed an Island Economy.” He is currently working on a biography of Joseph M Cohen, the investment banker who was managing partner of Cowen & Co. until it was sold to Societe Generale in 1998.