Sumit is a serial entrepreneur focused on digital health innovation at scale. He has co-founded and grown five companies over the past three decades that have tackled progressively bolder challenges facing our healthcare economies. All his work features common themes — a big, bold vision that helps us imagine a better world;moonshot technology innovation that disrupts how things have been to create how they should be;complexity designed out of user experiences so they blend into people’s daily lives so we can get on with ours;and business models that make such change practical — themes he has honed since the time Sumit worked with Steve Jobs and NeXT in the early 1990s.

Sumit is now the Chairman, CEO, and founder of Cherish. Cherish develops advanced radar-based sensors and artificial intelligence that revolutionize in-home safety, well-being, and health monitoring for people aging or living with health challenges — our grandparents, parents, children, and many of us. The company’s game-changing technology identifies rising risks and emergencies, gets people timely help, and enables healthcare to come home when needed — all without wearing or using gadgets, changing how people live, or compromising their privacy. Cherish helps people live wherever they may choose to with independence, dignity, and joy for as long as possible.

Sumit also serves on the HIMSS board and is Chair of the HIMSS Nominating Committee. He is sought after for his expertise and unstoppable energy as a visionary entrepreneur, courageous change agent, bold strategist, and innovative technologist.