Mr. Roberts is a Managing Director of Clarim Holdings, LLC a private investment holding company, as well as a founding partner of SR Capital Advisors, possessing over 24 years of private equity experience. Prior to founding SR Capital Advisors, Mr. Roberts was a Managing Director and Co-Head of TD Capital’s New York office and held a partner level position from 1996 through 2004 when he was made co-head of the division. TD Capital was the $1.9B private equity arm of TD Bank Financial Group. The New York office invested over $1.0B of private equity and mezzanine capital during his tenure with the group. Steve’s investment area of focus includes traditional and digital media services, business services and healthcare services.

Prior to joining TD Capital, Mr. Roberts worked for four years in Mergers and Acquisitions at TD Securities. Mr. Roberts holds an MBA from Columbia Business School with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Vassar College where he currently serves on the Advisory Committee to the President. Mr. Roberts serves or has served at the Board level of nine companies including; Bresnan Communications, Precyse Solutions, Council Tree Communications, Orthonet, West Virginia Media Holdings, LLC, Digital Media Services, LLC and J5 Infrastructure Partners.