Stevan Little got his start in the industry in the late 90s, working in the trenches of the first revolution, building sites for companies such as IBM, Jaguar and AT&T. In 2002 he joined Infinity Interactive, a boutique web consulting/development shop in NY, where he developed websites and applications for such diverse brands as Cargill, Pfizer, Marriott, Walmart and Aetna. It was here that he got his first taste of Open Source software, specifically Perl (the lingua franca of the early Internet). Working with Perl, Stevan saw an opportunity to revitalize the language and in early 2006 released Moose ( Borrowing ideas liberally from many other programming languages, both open and closed source, Moose provides a highly flexible and extensible object system. Moose has since become the defacto standard for object oriented Perl programming and is featured in many of the major Perl books and training courses. It was also one of the key technologies that helped spawn the “Modern Perl” movement, which has helped to revitalize the Perl community and even the core language itself. Stevan is a regular speaker at Perl and Open Source related events around the world, where he not only talks about Perl and technologies such as Moose, but also speaks about Open Source and how participation in it can be beneficial for businesses beyond just their bottom line. When not helping clients solve their digital conundrums, Stevan still enjoys painting, traveling and spending time back at the commune with his gaggle of children.