Simone oversees the programs for Techonomy, as she has since its founding, and serves as executive producer for all Techonomy events. Prior to Techonomy, she was program director for Fortune’s conference division, responsible programming the Fortune Global Forum, Fortune 500 Forum, Most Powerful Women Summit, iMeme, and Brainstorm. Before joining Fortune, she was director of operations at the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards and a strategic communications consultant.


Why I Am a Techonomist?

“A Techonomist since my days at Computerworld Smithsonian Awards, I’ve been an inquisitive observer of the companies, individuals, and ideas at the intersection of tech, the economy and society. I’ve worked with IT innovators and leaders to create programs and contexts that meet the exacting intellectual, practical and inquisitive requirements of leaders across industries, function, and titles. It’s not so much the bells and whistles of tech itself that interest me. It’s the application of that tech for productivity and progress that excites me and makes me a Techonomist.”