Scott Fore beings an extensive background of 35 years in converting, manufacturing, and distribution services.  He has worked in a broad range of management fields where he has developed new product lines from the design stages through manufacturing and distribution.  He has also established a broad range of business relationships with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Shell Oil Co., Weyerhaeuser Paper Co., and Reynolds Food Packaging.  During 2007, Mr. Fore partnered with his son and a number of motivated students to co-develop a website dedicated to community involvement and connectivity.  Through many iterations and with over five years of development, NobleHour® was born.  NobleHour® is an online community platform that lets you connect, contribute, communicate, and track and measure impact within your “offline” community.  Tailored for education, non-profits, businesses, and municipalities, NobleHour® offers membership management, event management, job tracking, and impact measurement solutions that help promote civic engagement.  Students, volunteers and workers can track hours and submit for verification and approval with one click, while educators and managers can instantly generate reports that show involvement and impact.