Technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur Scott Case is a leader obsessed with harnessing the power of technology to make the world a better place.

Scott is the founder of Zettawatts which is focused on making clean energy as affordable and available as the internet.

He began his career as founding CTO of, where he built the digital marketplace platform that transformed the travel industry. From there, he went on to serve in leadership roles for ambitious, mission-driven organizations such as Malaria No More, UP Global, and Startup America Partnership. Most recently, Scott was co-founder and CEO of Upside Business Travel.

Scott is currently Chair of Network for Good, a national nonprofit that provides donation processing and distribution of over $500M each year to hundreds of thousands of U.S. charities.

Forever focused on identifying the intersection of technology and the customer experience, Scott continues to share his experience with startups in hopes that he can inspire future generations of business leaders who will change the world.