Sam Stathis grew up from a humble beginnings in rural Greece to become a serial entrepreneur, scientist, thought leader, and philanthropist. The diverse family of companies that comprise Stathis Enterprises include Polo Electric, Celebrity Vision, Celebrity Farms, and Theometrics. Sam was the youngest person in history to pass the NYC Electrical Licensing Exam and is licensed as a Master Electrician in multiple jurisdictions. Since 1975, he has led Polo Electric in providing state-of-the-art technical and professional services to New York’s most successful companies. Sam has presented at numerous events and universities and authored multiple articles and papers, including “Digital measurement and layout, An Introduction to Architectural Navigation,” and is working on a book by the same title. He holds patents across multiple industries, including microelectronics, advertising media, equine performance technologies, guidance systems, and autonomously controlled robots. Sam is the founder of Theometrics and Intelligent Jobsites.