Rosanne Haggerty is the President of Community Solutions (CS), a national nonprofit organization that grows the capacity of communities to prevent and end homelessness.  The organization is a spinoff of New York-based Common Ground, which Haggerty founded in 1990 and built into a leader in the development of supportive housing and other research-based practices that end homelessness.  Its network of well designed, affordable apartments—linked to supportive services that people need to maintain their housing, restore their health, and regain their economic independence—has enabled more than 4,000 individuals to overcome homelessness.  The organization is also credited with ending chronic homelessness in Times Square.  CS brings tested innovations in reducing homelessness to a national scale and advances new models of homelessness prevention and community development.  The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a cornerstone initiative that coordinates the efforts of national organizations and local communities to collectively house 100,000 homeless individuals and families by July 2013.  Haggerty is a 2001 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, an Ashoka Senior Fellow, and a Hunt Alternative Fund Prime Mover.