Robert Goldberg, Ph.D., used neuroimaging for over a decade to examine the human brain and how frontal cortex mediates activity in and from sensory-motor regions. His published research has appeared in The Journal for Neuroscience, Psychological Science, and Current Opinion in Neurobiology. As a researcher in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, he became interested in connected technologies for brain health based on his own family history. In 2010, Robert founded Neumitra with colleagues at MIT to measure and manage the autonomic nervous system during daily life demands by quantifying the effects of acute and chronic stress on health, productivity, and happiness. He leads the development of their medical biomodules and the integration with personal applications on mobile phones and population health risk factors in cloud computing. Located in Boston, Robert is committed to fostering bridges between the technology and medical communities to impact how we continuously address brain health throughout daily life.  Neumitra’s technologies have taught him he’s really an introvert by nature and the importance of a good night’s sleep on managing his own stress.