Raph is a product manager at 18F, a digital services startup within the General Services Administration. He oversees the day to day of two products being developed by the organization, openFOIA and openFEC. openFOIA’s goal is to improve the online Freedom of Information Act request process for those seeking information from the Federal government, while openFEC will take the public data made available by the Federal Election Commission and make it even easier to use and understand.

Raph works product teams to ensure the product direction and prioritization is user-driven. He also helped draft and implement 18F’s open source policy, which requires new projects to open source code from the day that work begins.

Before 18F, Raph was a senior advisor to the Chief Technology Officer of the United States, where he focused primarily on open data and open government policy.

Raph holds a JD from New York Law School and lives in Washington DC, with his pet turtle, Soup.