P.V. Kannan is the co-founder and chief executive officer of [24]7.ai, a global leader in intent-driven customer engagement solutions. He co-founded [24]7.ai in 2000 to make customer service easy and enjoyable for consumers and has been a pioneer in integrating technology with business process operations to improve all aspects of the customer experience. Kannan is a recognized leader in customer experience, from dramatically improving contact center operations; to developing a big data predictive analytics platform; to pioneering the use of A.I. in customer experience. He holds more than 30 patents (issued and pending), has written several articles that cover some of the key issues around A.I. and chatbots, and has been featured in several books, including “The World is Flat” and “That Used to Be Us” by Thomas L. Friedman. Kannan’s upcoming book “The Age of Intent,” is now available for pre-order on Amazon.