Padma Chukka is a Chief of Staff to GM, Watson Media & Weather responsible for providing executive assistance to strategy and execution. Before this role, she was

Chief Offering manager for IBM cloud, leading offering managers to create code/content/community to create 4million active developers for IBM. Before this role, she worked in the client technical engagement team of IBM cloud. She led a team of 50+ consultants to deliver award-winning solutions to our internal/external clients for her portfolio of projects. She ran it like her own business with P&L targets and achieved more than 100% and in some cases, close to 200%. She is a passionate people manager coaches and inspire her team to take risks and enjoys cultivating a high-performance culture. She has a proven track record in managing large-scale business transformations using traditional, Agile as well as Design Thinking Methodology with large budgets while streamlining the operations. She has been a top performer and recognized as NextGen and BTL. She has a flair for leading, finding opportunities, solving the problems, influencing the process, coaching the teams, and bringing out the best in her teams. As a strong advocate for the empowerment of women in technology, she represented IBM at university programs, mentored students, and presented at engineering conferences for women. She served on the Corporate Service core and worked with the Ministry of women, Chile. From the Academics perspective, she has an MBA from NYU Stern and MS in Computer Science.

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