Nawee Nakwatchara is the Founder of Green Innovation Networks, which enables farmers to become their own agents of change by giving farmers a small, “learning plot” of land to experiment on.  Working with small landowners in the Northeast of Thailand, Nawee is empowering farmers to break the cycle of debt and dependency on unviable farming practices by placing an emphasis on increasing productivity and cutting production costs through integrated farming, low-cost technology, and drawing on local wisdom.  Farmers decide what to experiment with in their plot of land, while Nawee provides the farmers with technical assistance in transforming their best ideas into widely replicable agricultural practices.  He has formed a microcredit cooperative to provide financing and established a business firm to undertake larger-scale production and marketing tasks on behalf of a 300-member-households group called the Grassroots Innovation Network.  Nawee received his degree in biotechnology at Thammasat University in Bangkok.  His involvement in a volunteer project aimed at introducing ICT into rural communities in the Northeast of Thailand led him to become Founder of the Grassroots Innovation Project.