Mutale Nkonde has over a decade experience as an AI Policy Advisor and the CEO and Founder of AI for the People. As well as being a much sought after media commentator, her work can be found in Slate, the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.

In 2019 Nkonde led the advocacy for the introduction of the Algorithmic Accountability Act to the US House of Representatives and reintroduced it again in 2022 and the language around impact assessment integrated into the American Data Privacy Act of 2022.

AI for the People is also an advisor to the UN Business Technology Project as well as the funding community where they advise Limited Partners, the groups that invest in VC funds on how to integrate ethical approaches to AI development within their investment thesis.

Nkonde has held fellowships at Harvard and Stanford, is currently a policy fellow at Oxford Internet Institute and in the process of completing an MA in American Studies at Columbia University where her research focus is on the ethical use of AI.