Mohammad is the Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of, dedicated to facilitating effective decision-making for marketing & communications teams using audience classification technology and attribution modeling.

Previously, Mohammad was the Founder & CEO of Payscope, a SaaS platform that enabled the unification of private transactional financial data with public commodities data to power a new generation of ERP tools with predictive capabilities. He has founded and advised several early-stage technology companies utilizing his background in systems integration, large-scale data processing, and artificial intelligence. As an investor, Mohammad has a particular interest in ad-tech, manufacturing, market research, and fin-tech. Most of the roles he plays are multifunctional and involve hands on technical expertise on the product development side, but also involve strategic expertise on business model optimization and operations management.

In addition to his day to day role, he enjoys advising companies on technology, business models, and marketing. Mohammad studied Computer Science & Philosophy at the University of Michigan and Computational Sciences in the Division of Physical Sciences, at the University of Chicago.

Finally, Mohammad has regularly been a speaker at conferences such as American Association of Public Opinion Research, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Mohammad has also been an organizer of several TEDx events.