Miles Beckett is the CEO and co-founder of EQAL, a next-generation media company that combines technology and people to power 24/7/365 digital media properties around consumer brands and celebrities.  EQAL’s network of more than 40 celebrity and branded media properties reaches over 60 million trend-setting consumers and generates billions of content impressions every month. After graduating from medical school and entering a plastic surgery residency, Miles came up with the idea of posting a serialized drama on the internet and along with Mesh Flinders and Greg Goodfried, created lonelygirl15 in the summer of 2006 .  As the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of lonelygirl15 on YouTube and KateModern on Bebo, Beckett is responsible for the pioneering web series that have collectively received over 500 million views to date and have helped to define the medium.  The series’ remain the most viewed in their time on their respective platforms. Beckett holds a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.D. from the University of California at San Diego. He completed a one year internship in plastic surgery at the Loma Linda University Medical Center and conducted one year of tissue engineering research at the National Institute of Health as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Scholar. As an expert on the convergence of entertainment and technology and online video, Beckett has been a speaker on panels throughout Europe, Australia and across the US and Canada.